When pupils start to learn piano, after a few lessons they ask my advice about which piano and which books they should consider buying so they can play and practice at home what they have learned in their lessons.

While buying a piano is a considerable investment, I think it is essential if you want to progress quickly as a pianist. During lessons with me, you will use my acoustic Kawai Baby Grand so you will learn the touch and feel of the keyboard. Some modern digital pianos offer a superb acoustic piano feel, but there are some features that any piano you are considering buying must have if you’re going to invest wisely. A good digital piano does not need to be expensive to be suitable. There are options for all budgets.

There are thousands of music books available from beginner to advanced level and while I encourage my pupils to explore their musical tastes, following a logical lesson plan for instrumentation and musical theory is important for beginners. Playing at home every day, following the lesson plan we use in your lessons, is the best advice I give to pupils starting on their musical education. Practice, practice, practice is my mantra.

I have put together my Buyer’s Guide containing details of what to look for in a digital piano, a list of some of the best available to buy today and a selection of books you can purchase to use at home to reinforce what you learn in your lessons around instrumentation, theory and when it comes to ABRSM exam preparation time all with handy links to Amazon who offer competitive pricing.

Buyer’s Guide

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