If you are just starting to learn piano and looking to buy your first digital, the DP-10X from Gear4Music offers outstanding value and is, in fact, the digital piano I currently have in my studio.

Authentic Playing Experience

Play piano with greater expression and control. The DP-10X gives you an authentic playing experience by simulating the complex mechanism of an acoustic piano. This improved touch and playing response is complemented by a sample-based sound engine, so every note you play is fully expressive. You can get a soft, gentle sound all the way through to something loud and ‘fortissimo’. Plus, you can transform the sensitivity of your piano with just the touch of a button.

For increased control, the DP-10X also includes three pedals – soft, sostenuto and sustain. Each has a solid feel with a brass finish, and provides distinctive sound and technical possibilities. The soft pedal (also known as Una Corda) provides a quieter, mellow sound, while the sustain pedal provides luxurious, thick harmonies. The sostenuto pedal is especially useful when you play complex music, allowing you to keep a note sounding while you reach for another key.

Designed for the Home

The DP-10X digital piano is good around the home too. Its sturdy, wooden stand is lighter and more portable than an acoustic piano, and easily blends into any room. The DP-10X comes in a sleek, all-black finish, with expertly crafted keys and an uncluttered array of buttons. Underneath the keys, a convenient holder stores your headphones tidily and out of the way. There’s also a retractable dust cover to keep your piano clean and protected.

Connections and Tools

The DP-10X comes with a range of connection options – so as you develop, your piano keeps up. It’s even great for performing on stage, thanks to its RCA stereo output. The DP-10X also includes an auxiliary input, so you can easily play along to music from your phone or sound system.

The USB-to-host connection works with both Mac and PC, so you can record your playing or control a DAW of your choice. It also becomes an exceptionally usable MIDI controller – the 5-pin MIDI output can be connected to sound modules and synthesizers for limitless sound possibilities.

Available from Gear4Music

DP-10X Digital Piano by Gear4music

Gear4Music don’t have a service whereby I can display live stock and price info but this wonderful beginner’s piano in Matte Black is usually available from them at around £430.

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