I have taught many pupils to play the piano over the past 30 years. Here you can read some of the comments they have left about thier lessons.

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Anna Peszko impartió clases a mi hija durante 10 años. En ese tiempo consiguió que su talento como pianista floreciera y la convirtió en una intérprete considerable. Además aportó algo importante para el resto de mi familia. Lo que nos dio sigue con nosotros porque pasó a formar parte de nuestro patrimonio. Gracias a Anna pudimos ahondar en el gusto por la música y afianzamos nuestra certeza de que el esfuerzo y las cosas bien hechas son imprescindibles para desarrollar una buena vida.

English translation

Anna Peszko taught my daughter for 10 years. At that time she managed to make her talent as a pianist flourish and make her a considerable performer. Besides, she brought something important to the rest of my family. What she gave us continues with us because she became part of our heritage. Thanks to Anna we were able to delve into a taste for music and entrenched our certainty that effort and well-done things are essential to develop a good life.

Eduardo Ruiz Piano lesson 03/03/2021

Ania is amazing teacher!

Ania is amazing teacher! I could not recommend her more! Since the lockdown my 9 year old now has moved into online sessions with Ania and I cannot believe how much he has progressed in the last 3 months! Lessons are well structured and organised! I would recommend to anyone. It is brilliant! Thank you Ania!

Aga Pajura Piano lesson 14/06/2020

A passionate and dedicated teacher, look no further

I’ve now had around 10 hours of lessons with Anna and I feel that this is a reasonable amount of time to get to know somebody and how they work and thus write a review.

I was a complete beginner when I attended my first lesson, I had owned a piano for less than a week and never played before. Anna quickly put me at ease, gave structure to my study and started me on a course that is slowly but steadily teaching me the fundamentals. Despite not doing as much practice as I should (some weeks none at all!) I always seem to be much improved every time I go and see her, thanks to her great way of tailoring the lessons to precisely what the individual student needs.

Besides Anna’s excellent teaching manner and extensive subject knowledge (more years of piano than I have been alive!) she is also completely up to date with the latest technology and developments. She records portions of your lessons so that you can listen back at home and via her website you can upload pieces from home for her to review and listen to.

Anna truly cares that her students progress and takes personal pride in the fact that they do so. Her wealth of experience in teaching is a huge benefit for her students – Anna has seen it all and knows every type of piano learner, and how to deal with all of them. You are not risking your money and education with someone who is finding their feet.

I always want to rush ahead and make progress quickly and she allows for this by teaching me concepts “above my level” but keeps me very grounded in my ability and makes sure I perfect what I know before I move on. Anna has very high standards for her students and expects the best performances but aids you in achieving this in every way she can and supports you if you are struggling.

I cannot recommend Anna enough, besides being a brilliant piano teacher she is also a truly wonderful and kind person and I truly look forward to my hour or two with her every week.

Thanks Anna!

Andrew Northall Piano lesson 30/01/2019

Engaging, entertaining and thoughtful teacher.

My daughter Sophie has started her piano lessons few months ago and Anna made her to love playing instantly. She is a great teacher, full of enthusiasm and humour. Lessons are always well structured and Anna pays attention to the smallest detail.
She makes sure student learns in order and thinks before plays. Engaging, entertaining and thoughtful teacher.
It is such a pleasure to meet Anna; she is a really nice person. I have booked already more lessons ahead for Sophie. Thank you Anna!

Ewa Bednarz Piano lesson 26/12/2018

best teacher

I had another unforgettable private piano lesson by Anna.
I have had a few piano teachers in my life /I am a mature woman/, but Anna is simply the best. Her instructions helped me a great deal with my Chopin playing. Amazing!
Thank you Anna!

Elzbieta Potkanska Piano lesson 22/08/2018

Piano lesson

Hello everyone!
My name is Cristóbal, from Spain. I received Anna’s classes from 2006 to 2013 (from 11 to 18 years old). Without a doubt, she helped me to become a great musician but, above all, she taught me to enjoy and love music. I know she loves music like nobody else.
She is a demanding and professional pianist. Only in this way can great achievements be achieved! With her help I got the first prize in “Festival Provincial de música clásica ciudad de Motril” in 2007 and also my Elementary and Professional Degree in Piano.
Anna is hardworking, honest, a fighter, and a very good person. She knows that all her students love her and we remember her with a lot of affection. Good luck in the UK, Anna!!!

Cristóbal Tarifa Piano lesson 26/05/2018

Antonio Isaac

Ambitious and motivating teacher, totally recommended

I studied piano with Anna Peszko for 5 years in Spain. It is incredible how much I learned. I coud never think I could play as I do actually. She is always trying to get the best of you. When there is something I do not understand or I could perform, she helps me and tells me how I should study it. She cares a lot that you learn and you are progressing.

She does not only take it seriously, she is also a really friendly, calm, amusing and a lovely person. She transmitted me the passion for the music (especially with Bach). She taught me that if I want something, I can work hard for it and reach my goals. She motivated me a lot for playing piano.

If you are thinking about taking piano classes,I would recommend you 100% Anna Peszko. You will not be regretful. It is really hard to find a teacher as good as she. She is an amazing teacher, I promise you !

Antonio Isaac Piano lesson 15/02/2018

Great, highly educated teacher

I had a few private lessons by Anna, when I visited her studio in Europe a few years ago. I will never forget them. I have myself played piano for years, but her instructions are unforgettable. She showed me how to play Bach, and all of a sudden my Bach started to sound differently, finally had the proper touch and meaning. I highly recommend Anna for beginners as well as advanced piano players.

Elizabeth Potkanska Piano lesson 31/10/2017

Very Patient And Competent Teacher

Anna is a great teacher. I came to her a complete novice with no previous experience of playing piano. She is very patient and allows you to learn at your own pace. With that being said, I feel that I am advancing quickly and am very happy with the progress that I have made so far.

The dedicated music room is ideal, and the piano itself, a baby grand, is beautiful. The music room is separate to the house, and is always calm with no interruptions.

I would recommend Anna to anyone who wants to learn piano at any level, whether a complete novice like me or someone who just wants to brush up their skills.

Shaun Jones Piano lesson 12/10/2017

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