Learning to play any instrument requires a long-term commitment and the piano is no different. Previously if you wanted to book your next 6 piano lessons with me, for example, you would have to book each one separately going through the ‘check out’ process each time. I have listened to your feedback and agree that this was less than the optimal way to book a block of lessons.

I have worked with the website team and now booking multiple lessons is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

On the book online page, you can now add as many lessons as you want to book into a ‘basket’ (just like on Amazon or any eCommerce site) and ‘check out’ only once.

The process is simple (see image above) –

  1. Select the lessons you want to book and they will be added to your basket.
  2. Click on the basket icon when you have added them all (you can also remove any from the basket at this point)
  3. Click on the Proceed with the booking button.

The completion of the booking and payment process is the same but you only have to do it once to book multiple lessons.

Thank you for all of the feedback on this and I hope things are a lot more convenient now.