New Acoustic Panels

It’s been another busy week here in my private music school. As well as having my regular piano lessons and theory class, I have made an improvement to the piano studio and purchased a new piece of equipment.

Improved acoustics

I have installed some additional acoustic panels in the studio as well as new Bass Traps. The tone of the piano is greatly improved as there is less flutter echo and interference across the entire sound frequency spectrum. The lower notes of the piano now sound more natural due to the bass traps.

Piano studio acoustics is an imperfect science as each room and piano combination are unique but I am a lot happier now that the new panels and bass traps are in place. I will continue to monitor the sound quality and make additional improvements if needed.

New Equipment

I have bought a Sony PCM-D100 Mobile DSD/LPCM Recorder for the studio with two things in mind –

Firstly, to use in piano lessons so that I can record some pieces for pupils to use during their between-lessons practice sessions and also, if the pupils wish, record them playing so they can listen back and look for areas where they think they can improve their playing.

Secondly, I want to start sharing more of my playing on my SoundCloud and YouTube pages,

Using mobile phones, cheap webcams or video cameras does not allow me to capture the full range of the piano. Modern phones and cameras can capture wonderful images and video but, in my experience, the sound capture is not so good. The best I have used in the past has been a Nokia Lumia 930 mobile phone that did have some pretty high end audio hardware (for a phone) and multiple microphones but I think the dedicated Sony device should produce much better recordings.

These two additions to my music studio will, over the coming weeks and months, bring new aspects to your piano lessons and allow you to watch and listen to more of my work.

More details below with links to Amazon.

4x AFBT200 Pro Acoustic Foam Bass Traps Studio Sound Treatment

£46.99  in stock
2 new from £44.00
1 used from £ 42.56
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as of 20/09/2019 21:26


  • Corner Acoustic Foam Bass Traps 200mm front face x 915mm (3ft) Long
  • 4x AFBT200 Compact Corner Bass Traps From Comfortex Acoustics Oldham
  • Pro Acoustic Foam Meets Crib 5 Fire Retardency - Ideal for recording studios - mixing rooms - vocal booths - home cinemas
  • Trap Size 200mm wide 915mm (3ft) tall

Sony PCM-D100 Mobile DSD/LPCM Recorder - Black

£510.59  in stock
2 new from £510.59
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as of 20/09/2019 21:26


  • DSD and LPCM stereo audio recording
  • max 24Bit 192kHz LPCM
  • 32GB build in flash memory
  • X/Y sterol microphone
  • wireless remote, windscreen, bag

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