I promised to update you on the results of the piano tuning that was carried out today.

I asked Michelle Rudd, the well-known piano tuning professional, to visit and give my Kawai Baby Grand the care and attention she is noted for.

She arrived in good time for the appointment and after cup of coffee and a nice chat, she got to work on the piano tuning it to A=440 (the UK standard). I already knew a lot of the notes were flat but Michelle soon had the majority of the notes on correct pitch.

Using a combination of aural tuning and some amazing technology, she had the Kawai singing sweetly just over an hour later. However, when she played a few chords, she wasn’t completely happy with some so she retuned them until she was content with the tones.

Michelle then invited me to play a piece. I chose Mikhail¬†Glinka’s Nocturne (a beautiful piece I love) and I was very happy with the piano.

I mentioned the Una Corda Pedal (Soft pedal) was a little stiff and even though the allotted appointment time was over, two minutes later Michelle had dismantled the piano keyboard and spotted the problem immediately. She then spent an additional 30 minutes correcting the issue for me.

The piano is now in fantastic condition and the tone matches the beauty of the piano body.

In closing, I would say Michelle is a very professional piano tuner and would recommend her to anyone in the North Yorkshire and Teesside area. You can contact her via her own website at michellerudd.webs.com.

Thank you Michelle, see you in a few months.

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