It’s that time of year when you can hear the sighs of relief from parents all across the country as their children start the new school term after the long summer holidays and the teachers are going to get what’s coming to them after their six week holiday!

The six week holiday for teachers is used for some much needed rest, relaxation and battery recharging but also a lot of work preparing for the new term.

This summer I have not only been preparing for the new term but I have also moved from Spain to the UK, supervised the building of my piano studio and purchased a Kawai Baby Grand for use in your lessons.

Classes start on Thursday, 14th of September 2017 and places are filling up fast so whether you are a beginner wanting to start your musical journey or an experienced pianist wanting to take your playing to a new level, get in touch soon to book your piano lessons with me.

If you would like to take your very first piano lesson or add to your existing piano education, please book a lesson with me today, you can book online.