I recently had the pleasure of presenting exam results to two of my pupils, Mark and Yvonne, both for ABRSM Grade 4 Piano.

They both entered ABRSM’s new Performance Grade exams. These are via video recording of the candidate playing 4 pieces and are assessed remotely.

The examiner’s notes were a pleasure to read: Mark played Gillock: Holiday in Paris with the examiner commenting “This was stylishly and lyrically played, with a sense of shape and flexibility.”, Yvonne played Telemann: Petit jeu (from Fugues légères et petits jeux) with the examiner commenting “The articulation was crisp and varied effectively. Variety of tone colour was explored successfully and this had a real sense of the character of the music.”

Both students chose difficult programmes so a big congratulations to both!

I would like to thank both Mark and Yvonne for their hard work as we finalised their preparation in the lead-up to the exam and also for having confidence in me to teach them.

Now, the hard work starts all over again as we prepare for Grade 5!

Of course, due to the current lockdown, I was not able to present their certificates in person so I held a virtual presentation ceremony that you can watch below!