90 yrs ago this August in Japan a young inventor left his job as chief engineer for a piano manufacturer to begin his own quest for perfection and Kawai Piano was established.

Koichi Kawai created the Kawai Musical Research Laboratory in 1927 with a small team of colleagues in his hometown of Hamamatsu. Only three men have led Kawai over its long history. Koichi Kawai was the engineering genius behind company, Shigeru Kawai oversaw the company’s rapid growth and the expansion of its distribution to 88 countries around the world and Koichi’s grandson, Hirotaka Kawai, became president of the Kawai Global Group 1989.

As the Kawai Global Group celebrates its 90th anniversary, the founder’s commitment to excellence lives on. Summarising the philosophy of his grandfather Koichi, company president Hirotaka Kawai states: “At Kawai, the quest for perfection is not just an ideal – but a duty.”

Evidence of the company’s success can be seen in the prominent recognition Kawai instruments have received from around the world. The latest examples are MMR Magazine’s top industry award for “2016 Product of the Year” presented to Kawai’s GL Series Grand Pianos.

Since 1999, Kawai has received 45 major international awards for product and service excellence from music industry media organizations across the globe.

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