Antonio Isaac

I studied piano with Anna Peszko for 5 years in Spain. It is incredible how much I learned. I coud never think I could play as I do actually. She is always trying to get the best of you. When there is something I do not understand or I could perform, she helps me and tells me how I should study it. She cares a lot that you learn and you are progressing.

She does not only take it seriously, she is also a really friendly, calm, amusing and a lovely person. She transmitted me the passion for the music (especially with Bach). She taught me that if I want something, I can work hard for it and reach my goals. She motivated me a lot for playing piano.

If you are thinking about taking piano classes,I would recommend you 100% Anna Peszko. You will not be regretful. It is really hard to find a teacher as good as she. She is an amazing teacher, I promise you !

Antonio Isaac Piano lesson 15/02/2018