I’ve now had around 10 hours of lessons with Anna and I feel that this is a reasonable amount of time to get to know somebody and how they work and thus write a review.

I was a complete beginner when I attended my first lesson, I had owned a piano for less than a week and never played before. Anna quickly put me at ease, gave structure to my study and started me on a course that is slowly but steadily teaching me the fundamentals. Despite not doing as much practice as I should (some weeks none at all!) I always seem to be much improved every time I go and see her, thanks to her great way of tailoring the lessons to precisely what the individual student needs.

Besides Anna’s excellent teaching manner and extensive subject knowledge (more years of piano than I have been alive!) she is also completely up to date with the latest technology and developments. She records portions of your lessons so that you can listen back at home and via her website you can upload pieces from home for her to review and listen to.

Anna truly cares that her students progress and takes personal pride in the fact that they do so. Her wealth of experience in teaching is a huge benefit for her students – Anna has seen it all and knows every type of piano learner, and how to deal with all of them. You are not risking your money and education with someone who is finding their feet.

I always want to rush ahead and make progress quickly and she allows for this by teaching me concepts “above my level” but keeps me very grounded in my ability and makes sure I perfect what I know before I move on. Anna has very high standards for her students and expects the best performances but aids you in achieving this in every way she can and supports you if you are struggling.

I cannot recommend Anna enough, besides being a brilliant piano teacher she is also a truly wonderful and kind person and I truly look forward to my hour or two with her every week.

Thanks Anna!

Andrew Northall Piano lesson 30/01/2019