The 2019 ABRSM High Scorers’ Concert held at Ian Ramsey CE Academy on Saturday 12th October was a great success. 45 musicians and singers performed for the full house with each performing a different piece.

Pupils who achieved a distinction in their exams from Grade 1 up to ARSM level entertained the appreciative audience. each receiving a well-deserved round of applause for their performance.

My pupil Lawrie played Children’s Studies, No 12  (Loeschhorn op. 181) with his usual confidence and musicality.

Each performer received a certificate and a musical badge at the end of the concert to mark their participation. Well done to all who took part.

A special thanks to Cheryl Chen, Barbara and Jean White for organising the concert and all of the other teachers who prepared their pupils so well. Also, thanks to the School and their staff for the wonderful venue.

Lastly, it was wonderful to see my pupils and their families at the concert.

Lawrie playing at the ABRSM High Scorers' concert 2019
ABRSM High Scorers Concert performers

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