Today I have simplified my pricing. Instead of four price bands depending on the ABRSM equivalent level, there are now just two.

Grade equivalent 1-4 and grade equivalent 5-8 are the price bands now. I have removed the 3-4 and 5-6 bands making for a more streamlined tuition fee structure.

I often get asked “Why does it cost more for lessons when the student is preparing for the higher grades?” and the answer is that the more rigorous exams at the higher grades require a lot more lesson preparation, homework setting and support time from the teacher. The time and work I put into preparing my students is reflected in my prices.

My prices are competitive and reflect the standard of tuition you will receive in your piano and theory lessons whether you are studying towards an ABRSM exam or just wanting to learn for fun.

Check out the Prices page and, don’t forget, you can now Book Online where you can check lesson availability.

If you would like to take your very first piano lesson or add to your existing piano education, please book a lesson with me today, you can book online.